Are all your treatments approved by Health Canada?

Yes. We will not offer any treatment that is not approved by Health Canada.

Do you offer your services to men?

Yes. All of our services are available for men. You can visit the Men’s section of our Aesthetics page for descriptions of how these services are catered towards men.

Do you treat acne?

Yes. Acne is treated in numerous ways, including the OxyGeneo™ Facial, other facials and masks, and peels. Depending on each individual, acne can take weeks to months to heal, and it may not heal fully. Generally, it will take 2 to 4 treatments, all 3 to 4 weeks apart, before you begin to see results.

Can I receive laser treatments if I’m pregnant?

The simple answer is no. Very few laser and light-based treatments (including tattoo removal) can be safely offered if you are pregnant or nursing. While there is no documented evidence of fetal harm from laser or light-based treatments, there is a very minimal amount of research on the subject, and results may vary depending on your individual health.

Can I receive laser treatments if I have a pacemaker or defibrillator?

Before booking your treatment, please refer to your cardiologist. If they say it is safe, please have them provide a clearance note stating it is safe for you to receive laser treatment, and give us that letter before your appointment.

Should I shave the area that I am having laser hair reduction on?

Yes, shave the area before you come in for a laser session, or we will have to shave the area for you. Always shave instead of waxing or tweezing.

Can I receive treatments if I am using prescription topical acne products?

Before booking an appointment, please consult your primary physician to ensure that your skin is healthy enough to receive alternate treatments. If your prescription leaves your skin flaky, red, or otherwise irritated, we recommend ceasing use of that product for 1-2 weeks before your appointment.

Can I receive laser treatments if I have had gold therapy injections?

No. The energy emitted by lasers causes a chemical reaction with the gold, which results in a permanent bluish/gray skin discoloration called chrysiasis.
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